Will be upgrading someone (who is roleplaying)'s Vip this weekend. If you have an ample canidate, Please message me!
#SaviourForCommissio ner2K14 - FREE POTATOES
[link] Come On Guys #BROBRO For Commissioner
[link] Updated Commissioner Election
[link] DJ'ing Live Now If Any of you want to listen, Or Just want to request a song :sick:
some of the clips could be from FFG for all i know xD
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Armeym lvl3AFFG posted Nov 9, 14
chewbar lvl1FFG that horse should of been killed it distracted me
chewbar lvl1FFG Congrats Kirby
[Lt.] emquasney lvl2FFG I am such an amazing camera man


TrickZ lvl4MFFG posted Nov 7, 14
------ News Alert! ------

The city of Emita has been graced with a Government grant for an entire overhaul of the city's various security systems around the city. These updates have been in the wake of the Mafia's rapid return into the city. 

The Mafia have purchased the old Goodfella's Hotel, and have setup a thriving business. If you wish to join the select Mafia ranks, you'll need to prove your street worth, by raising your reputation. Once buying your way in, you will have access to the custom shop after switching to the iconic suit. 

Raising your Street Reputation is going to be harder then you think, as the new security systems become active all over the city. Robberies will take more time, but the reward is substantially more. 

In other news, the Emita Bank has been renovated into the Emita National Reserve. With rapid renovations to come! They have already installed heightened security systems, however once in, it will be up to you to determine your life or the money. You can move around the building freely! The longer you stay the bigger the reward, however, the risk of death rises also! 

In summary, we have updated the robbing mechanics in game. The National Reserve will hold 500k per round that is rob-able, with possible fluctuation in the future. 

Gas stations and Pubs are no longer 5 second rob spots, they can take from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 

Mafia has been brought back, missions to return soon. They have their own shop, and are have a clothes changer, to switch to the black suit.

Few new skins were added in.
Rick Grimes lvl4AFFG bank insurance is sold in game... i always but 3-5 of them and keep the extras in my trunk so if i die, i still have m ...
[FFG] Ilumini AFFG Supporting the PD doesn't change the fact that once the bank is robbed, you lose money. Increasing the amount of money y ...
Hotspot32 $$SFFG 2 words: BANK INSURANCE ...
Trickz and Myself spent the last week balancing the power of weaponry in COP and CIV shops along with the VIP areas. We want the game play to be fun, but also balanced. Some guns were just to OP for a city life environment. This is Island Life not Wasteland, I want you to be able to buy guns as it was Real Life at Pawn Shops, not like buying them from a military factory. 

Also the little glitch people were using to get away from the 60 sec timer is now fixed. And also Alt F4 has been disabled. 

Game on Guys

PS of you find any good not OP weapon boxes we can add in please let me know

Mr. ManDude lvl4 the guns were balanced but ya now rick gets what he wants
DavisWinch $$FFG I think if Civs got maybe a new rifle or hunting rifle we should put like a shooting course in where the game times you ...
Rick Grimes lvl4AFFG So i people relogging to beat the death timer, blame your peers


Rick Grimes lvl4AFFG posted Oct 25, 14
Technology Giant, Samsung has come to FFG! They have granted everyone in the community a free RT-2400. To access your new smart phone on the server simply press the 4 key. If you are civ you will have the ability to call 911. If you are cop you will call for backup from your phone. Just hope the solar flairs don't hit Emita any time soon! Cell towers are expensive!


Storm lvl1FFG I didn't know 21st century phones were interrupted by solar flares or overheat after one 911 call lol
Zerqzy lvl4SFFG Glad to see this implemented ^_^
[Lt.] 2linkman lvl2 I Didn't know Samsung was bought by Apple that sucks I prefer Android


Rick Grimes lvl4AFFG posted Oct 13, 14

Breaking News! A toxic radiation leak, caused by HBM's insecure nuclear reactors on Ronne, have forced the Tavianna government to move all citizens to a resettlement facility located in the metropolitan city of Emita. A Resident of Tavianna, Rick Grimes had this to say, "This country has suffered a loss, and now we have millions without homes, cars, and many with deaths of family members. We are lucky enough that the City I once grew up in, is still in living condition."

The Civilians will be arriving soon to start a new life for themselves. The Voting polls will be open on arrival day to elect a new Governor to take command over things such as taxes and laws.  
All history of bank accounts and loans are gone. This is a fresh start for all people so people who might have had a tough life of crime may want to change their lifestyle. Another Resident, TrickZ stated, "Not many people in their life gets a do over, my self included. Many will see this a heartbreaking loss, but I look at it as a new beginning".

Reporting Agent - Armeym
To download and play on the EMITA map you will need to download our @FFGEmita Mod Pack. Do not delete the @FFG one because we may have one server up with @FFG and one up with @FFGEmita.
Garp lvl4 Applegate? bloody hell!
[Lt.] emquasney lvl2FFG I thought we evacuated Taviana cuz Matt farted...
MrGalaxy lvl1 we need coast guard ;[
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